Our Team

Our commitment to providing you with exceptional treatment from the moment you walk in the door does not stop with our doctors- it is with the help of our truly excellent team that we are able to treat each patient as a member of our family.

Our Team

Practice Administrator: Ashley Winslow

Front Desk:   Nikki Smith, Ellen Johnson, Calee Rawls, and Catherine Sapp.

Insurance Coordinators: Kathy Bounds and Lauren Billings.

Assistants: Kara Benson, Jessica Blowe, Allie Franklin, Amanda Lopez, Janice Novack, Jadah Parker, Michelle Williams, and Melinda Utt.

Hygienists: Beth Begley, Melissa Brock, Pam Brooks, Diane Grimes, Trudy Forrester, Chelsea Heimann, Shelly Rubas, and Emily Winn.